What is Bitcoin and is it Still Profitable in 2019?


Bitcoin it is a form of digital currency and it has become popular in recent years. There are various kinds of cryptocurrencies in the market. Investing in them gains more profit within a short span of time.  Out of many, Bitcoin, lite coin, crypto code, are popular among the investors.

Bitcoin is the alternative method of the banking system to earn more interest in the investment.  This literally means it enables the functions of a banking system like the transfer of funds from one account to the other without any core authority.

Overview of Bitcoin mining:

  • Lists of all pending transactions or the Bitcoin transactions are recorded into the blockchain.  Accumulating these transactions in a single block will make the user become a temporary Bitcoin trader.  This gets updated automatically in the Bitcoin transaction ledger.
  • The blocks which are created with the solution are sent to the entire network in order to validate the transaction.  Though it is very hard to get the solution, it very easy to validate.
  • Each computer which validates the solution is recorded along with the transaction in the Bitcoin ledger.
  • The system creates a specific amount of Bitcoin and rewards the user for spending time and energy and this is how one can earn a profit.
  • Apart from this, one needs to pay the transaction cost that was sent along with the transactions.
  • All the transactions are recorded and confirmed in the Bitcoin network and it becomes a virtually irreversible process.

Is it profitable even now?

In order to be profitable, the Bitcoin mining process depends upon many factors and one needs to take account of hash rate, mining difficulty, no of Bitcoin earned per block, cost of electricity and also few other hidden cost.  One needs to be cautious and be careful before investing in these online trading platforms.  Before investing, check out the reviews across the globe including Australian crypto exchange review so that one can get better knowledge about the cryptocurrencies and its performances in the market.