Technology How To Tips & Tricks and Latest Technology Hacks


With great technology comes a greater need for security and shortcuts; it is not often easy to access stuff either on your phone or your laptop step by step. It is much easier if you know some tips and tricks that will increase not only your productivity and efficiency but also save time. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you are not turning to your tech-savvy teen each time you need some help.

  1. How to improve our WIFI signal:  It is very annoying to be faced with a flaky WiFi especially when it is game night or you are watching an interesting movie on Netflix. Download the WIFI analyzer app which will scan the frequencies and recommend the best channel to use.
  2. Download YouTube videos easily: It is exorbitantly expensive to watch videos on data but you can download all your favorite YouTube videos ahead of time via WIFI and watch in peace when traveling. All you have to do is to type “ss” before the word “YouTube” in URL of the YouTube video in the address bar. But ensure that you are downloading only legal stuff.
  3. Effective writing: If you want more efficiency in your writing to turn to Google Translate. You can key in your text in the box and click on the speaker. It will read out the text helping in easy identification of errors.
  4. TV version on YouTube on the desktop: It is now possible to have the TV feel on your desktop when watching YouTube videos sans all the clutter and distraction. You have to go Tv desktop site for this facility.
  5. Selfie tricks with headphones: You do not need to open your phone each time to take a selfie. Just use your apple headphones as a remote; when you push the + button on the earphones, the camera app opens and you can even use it in the video mode.

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