How to Take a Good Instagram Selfie: 10 Pro Photography Tips


If you like to see your followers and likes increase for every selfie post read on about 10 of the best tips to make your Instagram selfies stand out.

  1. Use the right camera: You need not necessarily use your phone for selfies; it is now possible to click on cameras and transfer the images to your Instagram account.
  2. Which is the best pose:  It is only in certain poses individuals look good. Discover what is your best pose and angle and take your selfies accordingly.
  3. Choose the right angle:  Based on your features you must identify an angle that makes your face look proportionate and stick to it for all selfies. This requires a bit of trial and error until you find the correct angle.
  4. Don’t forget the lighting: Though it is tempting to take selfies in all places and at all times, the best pictures are those where the lighting is adequate. Having said that don’t look directly into the sun. The best photos require low lightings like at sunrise and sunset.
  5. Makeup is must: Even to sport the nude look you need the right amount of makeup. Check out Luxtime for latest trends.
  6. Editing is ok: Since not all selfies will turn out perfectly you must be ready to edit your pics for that perfect presentable look.
  7. Filters are your friends:  Selfies stand out only when there is some drama, a play with lighting and mystery to them. Use filters freely to create the desired look.
  8. The composition has a role: A great picture, even a selfie must have more than you in it; before clicking ensure that the composition is right and you remain the central focus.
  9. Use flash discreetly: As far as possible use natural light and when that is not possible use flash Afterall a dark selfie is of no use to anyone.
  10. Practice: Only when you practice taking lots of selfies can you become perfect at it.