Five Gadgets that Help You Look Younger


Thanks to technology, it is now possible to own younger looking skin without subjecting oneself to expensive dermatological treatments and going under the knife. Of course, a visit to professionals is a must in certain cases for the majority of us there is help at hand – you can choose from any of the technologically advances devices on the market to rectify your skin defects and reverse the process of aging to a certain extent.

According to Meladerm reviews, the five products listed below can transform the way your skin looks.

  1. FaceFX: It is an anti-aging device used to treat crow’s feet, under eye wrinkles and for reduction of pore size. Relying on photo rejuvenation, the device brightens the skin and improves the tone and texture of the skin significantly. It is approved by dermatologists as well.
  2. Beauty laser: An FDA approved the product, the Smooth beauty laser that removes wrinkles and brightens the skin. The laser potency is 1440nm and you can choose the pulse rate which ranges from 5,10 or 12 J/pulse. By creating microscopic columnar thermal zones in the epidermis and the dermis the laser ensures that there is greater production of collagen in these regions leading to better and younger skin with no wrinkles.
  3. Microdermabrasion system: The sole purpose of this machine is to remove the dead skin cells and encourage new cells to grow. Using it five minutes a week can leave your skin young and supple. What the machine does is to first loosen the dead skin and then suction it away to reveal fresh looking skin.
  4. Facial toning device: A convenient handheld device that releases microcurrents into the face to lift the skin and improve the skin tone while enhancing the facial contours.
  5. Derma Wand: Relying on radio frequencies the wand stimulates the skin and massages it while also delivering heat energy and life-giving oxygen to give that perfectly toned younger looking skin.